A layman’s progress

Monthly reflections from Terry Hawes, lay preacher at St John’s

I know Yet More 

I know that God hears
In the silence I strain to hear the still small voice
My spirit warms when I know
That He is silent because He listens for mine

I know God loves me
I know He loves what He makes
And all He makes is good
I know God wept & weeps at the things I do & did
But know that He rejoices more that I cried
At what I did & do
At what I was & am
And started the long stumble back to the light
The dirt I laid on His goodness did tarnish
But it could not stain the shine
God yet lives within

How can we not forgive ourselves?
When we know God does so
Can we do less?
How can we not forgive each other?
God loves what He makes
I'm so sorry that sometimes that's too hard for me
Forgive us Lord
Forgive our unforgivingness of self & others
Thank you God
That your forgiveness is beyond all humanity

So bring us hope
Bring us trust
Bring us faith
In all these things there is grace beyond the clay
Your Holy Spirit lives within
And so we can dare to believe that
Beyond our imperfections the light of heaven glows
Dimmed in the glass darkly
Yet without our grasp
Yet sure as the sun which unseen lights the murky morn
The clouds will part & lighting glow throughout the earth & heaven
Then all things will be new