William Liptrott and his School in Weston

The earliest mention of education in Weston is in 1642 when William Liptrott was the schoolmaster.

He was born in 1620 and established the private school in Weston in 1642. He had previous experience as a teacher in Witton and Chester. His pupils were mainly the sons of local yeomen and tradespeople but he also taught many of the local gentry children as well. These included the four eldest boys of Sir Willoughby Aston; children of Sir Richard Brooke; and of the Norris family from Speke. Some of his pupils were admitted to St. John’s College, Cambridge.
His reputation obviously spread some distance as some of his pupils came from the Wirral and had lodgings in Weston.

Liptrott was on very good terms with the gentry, both being entertained by them and also returning the hospitality. He was married to Elizabeth and it is known that they had at least one daughter. He died, a wealthy man, on 18th May, 1688.

In the church grounds, by the church hall, is the sandstone lintel from their cottage, which it is thought was not far from the present church although the precise location has not been determined. The inscription is as follows :-

16 W E 70

Lintel detail

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